Bucco Declares Victory in LD25 Special Election

(PRESS RELEASE / Rockaway, NJ) – With more than 102,000 ballots counted in New Jersey’s 25th Legislative District, Senator Tony Bucco today declared victory. Current tallies have Bucco leading by nearly 6,000 votes (53-47%), and Assemblywoman Aura Dunn leading by nearly 3,000 (51.5-48.5%). These leads are expected to grow in the coming days as the Morris County Board of Elections concludes its counting.

“I’m extremely humbled to have earned the support once again of the residents of Morris and Somerset counties in this year’s campaign. Aura and I ran on a message of bipartisan leadership throughout the pandemic, against the Murphy administration’s funding cuts to our schools, and fighting to stop the unsustainable tax-and-spend mindset in Trenton,” said Bucco. “It is never an easy decision to run for elected office and campaigns require a great sacrifice by our families – to that I want to commend Ms. Mehta for putting her name forward and thank her for the campaign she ran. I look forward to continuing my work in the Senate, finding solutions for families and businesses during the pandemic, and being a check-and-balance on the Governor as we head into another challenging year.”

“Additionally, I’m proud of the campaign Aura and I ran together. She was a great partner and teammate throughout this challenging election year. Given the remaining numbers, I’m confident her lead is only going to grow in the coming days and she’ll be back working for taxpayers in Trenton soon enough,” added Bucco.

Despite the President losing this district by approximately 14 points, Senator Bucco and Assemblywoman Dunn assembled an aggressive media and volunteer-driven grassroots campaign to win over independent voters, and turnout Republicans in a brand new all-vote-by-mail election. Turnout is set to hit the highest level in recent memory, likely to come close or exceed 80% in District 25.

Although approximately 20,000 ballots or more remain to be counted, the partisan mix of those voters is made up overwhelmingly of Republican registrants, based on public records available from the Board of Elections. Further, current vote tallies suggest Bucco and Dunn are leading among Unaffiliated voters in the district.